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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is the purpose of this Website?
    • This website is intended for individuals, businesses and organizations who are seeking a license to use the photograph for commercial and editorial uses only. This website is only intended for licenses in connection with commercial and editorial uses only and is not intended for personal use by individuals.
  • How Can I Use the Pictures on this Website?
    • You will need to obtain a license from us in order to utilize any photograph. Please fill out the info sheet and submit that via email. You will receive a quote to license the photograph based on the information you provide (i.e. what you need the photograph for, how long, etc). Upon our receipt of the quoted license fee and your acknowledgement of accepting the terms and conditions, you will be issued a license which grants you the right to use the photograph under certain terms and conditions outlined in your agreement.
  • How do I obtain the Right to Use the Photographs?
    • You will obtain the right to use the photograph in accordance with the license terms. You only have the right to use the photograph under the licensing terms. The terms and conditions of the license agreement upon your payment of the license fee can be provided to any third party that needs confirmation that you have the right to use the photograph.

                           Special assignments may be available upon request.